What Others Are Saying About Working with Kris Miller...

"Many professionals can be inspiring and many informative, but seldom do the two co-exist. Such is the case with Kris Miller. In all my years of working with financial experts I have never been as inspired or informed as I have been with Kris. She really knows her stuff and she knows how to engage others to the process of gaining greater financial freedom. I recommend her highly for both individuals as well as firms looking to increase their financial viability."

Val Jon Ferris, Leadership Development Consultant, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, Yahoo, Microsoft, Intuit

"I had an opportunity to hear Kris Miller talk about pre-retirement planning. I have to tell you, that there are two very important things that you’re going to take away from your experience listening to her talk. One is peace of mind. The second is assuring your quality of life. What I want you to do is to have an understanding that no matter what age that you are; the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or beyond, it doesn’t matter. If you haven’t engaged in planning on medical, financial, or legal concerns, you have to do it right now. What I got from listening to Kris talk was the urgency, if you will, and the importance of doing it, doing it early, and she presents the material with such clarity and such organization, that you will be able to walk through the whole process and really walk away with great peace of mind. Follow what she does. It’s great information. I want you to have a great quality of life."

Dr. Joan Rosenberg, Psychologist & University Professor

"What it's like to work with Kris Miller."

"Just wanted to thank you for all the prayers and support after my husband died! Unfortunately, I thought I should seek an attorney’s advice and that was the biggest mistake. The attorney just left the trust as you prepared but just charged me forever and a leg. I only got a copy and I am still begging to get the originals which he wants to keep to charge the next generation. Any way enough said. You are the best and so caring."

Jane M. from Nebraska

"Went to one of your workshops."

"My dear friend, Kris Miller, has a fantastic book out called ‘Ready for Pretirement – 3 Secrets for Safe Money and a Fabulous Future‘. I wish I had all the great resources Kris shares in this book 10 years ago when my journey with my Father began! This book offers many “peace of mind” tools to insure your financial future in your twilight years. Highly recommend grabbing your copy today! She has some sweet bonuses too."

Jennifer Carlevatti Aderhold

"Worth a lot more now; very happy."

"I attended Kris’ seminar about Estate Planning and Living Trusts and was extremely pleased with the simple understandings that Kris shared with me. I took her advice and it’s made a big difference for me. I found Kris honest and trustworthy. I would recommend her for anything you need."

Joan Dunn from California

"We have been told that the format and content of the Living Trust was done very well. Thank you so much for doing such an excellent Living Trust."

Shirley Henderson, Velma Blickenderer & Vivian Keehn (Daughters of Velma Huggins)

"I would like to say, 'Thank You’ for the professional and personal way you took care of my estate planning and also my investments."

Coleva A. Rogers

"We wanted to protect all our assets."

"I heard Kris Miller speak at the American Payroll Association, and thought to myself, 'this lady knows about Retirement,' so I bought her book and gave it to my Director of Pay and Retirement Services, and invited her to Washington DC, to speak for the Government Financial Officers Association-WMA."

Jaininne Edwards, Pension Officer, Washington, DC Government

"The biggest mistake I’d done, it was 8 years ago, when I didn’t take out the annuity you were suggesting to me. Because I trusted the other people that told me it was no good and to throw it away and get one from me. I really regret I did. I’m never gonna do a thing like that. I’m never gonna forgive myself for what I did, because you know everything, and you help everybody. You’re helping people. That’s very good. These other people they don’t help. They want your money. Well thank you very much. God bless you. Thank you for everything."

Tommy Gorgas

"Kris Miller has the ability to explain planning for retirement in a way we can all understand and prepare."

Patricia Fripp

"We no longer worry."

"Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the Trust to me so I can understand what is going on. You put it in Layman’s terms and that helps me understand what I’m doing and how this serves me.

Again, I appreciate your patience and time. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you."

Cath C. from California

"I was in the Moreno Valley Women’s Club when Kris Miller had a Workshop at our Club House. Kris explained about how we can avoid Probate, Save Taxes, Protect our assets from Nursing Home costs. Provide for disability, Save Taxes. and maintain privacy. Kris Miller has prepared our Living Trusts and walked us through the process of enrolling in an Annuity to protect our assets from market loss and an income we will never out live. I also got a Long Term Care policy so I can stay in my own home instead of a nursing home.

I wish I had known Kris Miller when I was younger and have her prepare all the documents to avoid mistakes that I made. Kris is there to update your documents too.

Retirement is something that adults over 40 should be preparing for. I highly recommend Kris Miller’s Trusts Unlimited to do that. Kris is an accomplished singer as well."

Charlotte S. from California

"About four years ago, my gal Susan and I came to see Kris Miller at her office. Kris made up a Living Trust for each of us separately. Very sad to say my Susan passed away two years later. All I have to say is how wonderful it was for Kris to advise us and help us with our Living Trusts. When Susan died, regarding her family and other things there was not one hitch. Everyone was happy that all went well. So Kris, regarding Wills and Living Trusts you are okay. I have never written anything like this before, but had to express myself. Thank you again."

Fred Sammut

"I can’t say enough about what Kris has done for me and my family in helping me to receive my long-term health care insurance. I just thank God for her; a great agent. Thank you!"


"So happy about my 3 annuities."

"I appreciate all you've done for me."

"You've been a real blessing in our lives."

"Info was worth a million dollars to us."

"I met Kris Miller at a seminar, and she really helped me with the different kinds of things like annuities and IRAs. I’d recommend her wholeheartedly. If anyone wants to call her, she can help you out, tremendously. The workshop was really good. I learned a lot at the workshop."

Louis Meyers

"I want to tell everybody, and I’m not afraid to tell this, what a delight it is to do business with Kris Miller. She’s walked us through our living trust, explained all the various details in layman’s language. This has really been great. I’m not used to the ambiguous big words attorneys use. She has been a delight to work with; she’s a delightful person; and interesting as the devil once you get to know her. Thank you very much, and I encourage anybody with problems with their living trusts or annuities to please contact Kris Miller."

Ralph Sooza

"We were so pleased with Kris that we brought my 88 year-old dad in for Kris to prepare his Living Trust. She was so kind and patient with him, walking him through every step of the way. We are all so grateful and thankful to Kris for protecting all our assets from market loss and probate."

Robin Navarro

"Kris found money I didn't even know I had."

"She is fantastic!"

"For making money and keeping it safe."

"I trust her so much."

"Have more of a stable income."

"Having a Living Trust will take a lot of stress out of our lives."

Mr. Randal from California

"I have been coming to see you for over 20 years now. I always know you will take care of me and I have referred many friends to your business. It is refreshing to have someone you feel confident in."

John M. from California

"The secret to having it all is knowing you already do."