Education & Workshops

Healthy Money Happy Life offers a variety of financial education opportunities as well as workshops for corporations and organizations. Our philosophy focuses on the idea that no one is born understanding money and how to manage it and we must do everything we can to eliminate this gap of knowledge so that each and every person can thrive and safeguard their assets and financial life. A healthy life includes healthy money and it is our mission to spread this message to the world. We know that if we can better educate the youth of today on financial matters, then tomorrow will bring opportunities unimagined prior to the transformation of their financial realities.

Create Income You Will Never Outlive

Create Income You Will Never Outlive is our premiere program. It’s purpose is to improve the financial life of medium net worth indivduals so they can grow their businesses, innovate within their industries and secure and protect their assets so they never have to worry about money again.

Empowering LDAs

Empowering LDAs is designed specifically for Legal Document Assistants on how to grow and sustain their business.


Through a variety of on demand webinars, Healthy Money Happy Life, educates the general public on Living Trusts for Peace of Mind; Your Money DNA: How to SHIFT Your Genetic Code for Wealth; Secrets of the 1%: How to benefit from the same advantages the wealthiest enjoy, and “Ready for PREtirement: 3 Secrets for Safe Money and a Fabulous Future, based on Kris Miller’s #1 bestselling book.

Money 911 Podcast

The Money 911 Podcast features host, Kris Miller, interacting with some of the most brilliant business people and money experts in an effort to explore how each of us can transform our relationship with money and all that entails.