"It's not your salary that makes you rich,
it's your spending habits."

About Kris Miller, LDA

Kris Miller wants to live in a world where people celebrate their lives when they retire, not scrimp and worry if their money is going to last. She’s advised over 6,000 families over the last 30+ years and has never lost a single penny of their money

As a Legacy Wealth Strategist, she’s been featured on hundreds of radio programs as well as TV appearances; published in hundreds of magazines and newspapers (print & online); and spoken on stages across the country for top financial organizations like the US Government Financial Officers Association and Citibank. Kris is the author of the #1 Bestseller, Ready For PREtirement: Plan Retirement Early So Your Money Is There When You Need It.

Kris Miller is the Money Maestro. She’s a Certified Senior Advisor and Legal Document Assistant or LDA, amongst other professional designations. She is the owner of Trusts Unlimited and The Living Trust Institute and has been nominated for Woman of the Year and Best Customer Service by the Chamber of Commerce of Hemet, California.

When she’s not working with families and businesses on retirement and estate planning, she mentors teenagers on how to prepare for a thriving future, both financially and spiritually. She loves cooking healthy and makes heavenly vegan coconut caramel nut cookies when she’s not singing in an a cappella choir.

You can also find Kris in her studio writing award-winning #1 songs like “Be a Light,” and “Did I Matter.” Kris has won several prestigious songwriting awards, including Songwriter of the Year in three categories by the North American Country Music Awards in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012. She had the No. 1 song in Country Gospel (June 2009) and No. 1 song in New Christian Music Country (September 2010). In all, Kris has written over 900 spiritual songs and her music has also topped the charts in Europe.

Her next program from Healthy Money Happy Life is “Create Income You Will Never Outlive,” and will be available soon. She’s also putting the finishing touches on a new software program so you can create your own living trusts and other important legal documents to protect your wealth.

Discover how you can protect your money, make sure it lasts and be prepared for almost anything that might cause financial hardship as you celebrate the most rewarding time of your life – now - at HealthyMoneyHappyLife.com.