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I help Legal Document Assistants (LDAs) grow their businesses and become more successful. I make it simple by teaching you how to offer Living Trusts & Living Trust Workshops.

Over the last 30+ years, I have prepared over 6,000 Living Trusts. Let me share with you the knowledge and expertise I’ve acquired. Learn my proven system for successfully offering Living Trusts & Living Trust Workshops to build your LDA business.

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How to Grow Your LDA Business By Offering Living Trusts

The Empowering LDAs Training Course provides a step-by-step system that you can implement quickly and begin generating a new source of revenue and profits for your LDA business.

By enrolling in Empowering LDAs, you will learn the best methods and strategies for serving your customers by using a proven system I have developed and refined over the last 25 years. I am a proud member of the California Association of Legal Document Assistants (CALDA) and understand the challenges you face, growing your business.

Empowering LDAs is a comprehensive training course on how to grow your LDA business by offering Living Trusts and Living Trust workshops. The opportunities to build your LDA business into a thriving enterprise are plentiful. Living Trusts are one of the best estate planning strategies available to the general public. Plus, Living Trusts offer many benefits to your clients while they are still alive.

Living Trusts are for the Living

Help Your Clients Preserve
Their Legacies for
Future Generations

and Enjoy Many Benefits
While They Are Still Alive

Empowering LDAs

How to Grow Your LDA Business By Offering Living Trusts

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside

Module One


The Living Trust Opportunity & Setting Up Your Trust Business

Offering Living Trusts is a big opportunity to dramatically grow your LDA Business. We’ll help you set up your business for success.


  • What is a Living Trust?
  • What is a comprehensive Living Trust package?
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Additional opportunities like Estate Planning, Insurance, Annuities
  • Your New Mindset & Philosophy for Success
  • Aligning Your Business with Your Personal Values Using Our Building Block Approach
  • Establishing Office Management Routines
  • Record Keeping, Delegating & Outsourcing
  • Creating Your Organizational Strategy & Defining Your Strategic Objectives
  • What Services to Offer Now & in the Future

Module Two


Your Living Trust Workshop Blueprint & Marketing Your Living Trust Workshops

The most successful businesses use systems to manage & market their offerings. Empowering LDAs is THE system to grow your business.


  • What is a Living Trust Workshop & what does it include?
  • How to set-up a Living Trust Workshop including preferred locations, required equipment, printed materials, etc.
  • How to make sure your invitees show up at your event including email marketing & reminders; phone calls, bonus offerings, etc.
  • Do you need a website?
  • How to build a list of prospects using email, landing pages & giveaways
  • How you can use Social Media promotion & advertising to generate prospects and customers
  • How using Print Ads for newspapers, circulars & other publications can generate workshop attendees
  • Why you should use fliers & posters to activate interest in your Living Trust Workshops
  • The benefits of offering special discounts, coupons & bonuses
  • How to increase opportunities in your neighborhood with libraries, community colleges, professional groups & associations
  • How to create Living Trust Workshops for small businesses, affiliated groups & organizations
  • The best ways to follow-up with attendees including email, autoresponders, phone calls & snail mail

Module Three


Securing and Setting the Appointment & The Initial Appointment

The one-on-one appointment is crucial to your success and building your Living Trust clientele. Learn the best ways to make that connection.


  • Where should you have your initial appointment – home, office, online?
  • How to follow-up to insure your customer keeps their appointment
  • What questions should you ask to best serve your clients
  • What are the common objections and how should you handle them
  • How offering something valuable increases the likelihood they will keep their appointment
  • What you should do BEFORE the appointment to be fully prepared and increase your success
  • What informational documents, brochures or videos should your prospects read or watch prior to the appointment
  • What happens during the first appointment
  • What forms you must have to make your first appointment a success
  • How to conduct the initial intake with your customer
  • How to create an atmosphere of trust with your customer
  • Getting to know your customer so you can provide the best service possible
  • Sharing WHO you are in a way that inspires trust & confidence
  • How to get your customer comfortable for the questions you must ask including sharing personal stories and examples
  • How to connect your customers hopes & dreams with their health, wealth & family’s security
  • Understanding your client’s unique situation
  • How to reinforce their need for a Living Trust and getting to their WHY regarding a Living Trust
  • The most important questions to ask your client so you can create their Living Trust
  • How to get your customer started on their Living Trust paperwork & what is included in the paperwork
  • What you should avoid during your initial appointment
  • What happens during the entire process including a timeline of the entire process including an invaluable checklist so you always know what’s next
  • Getting a deposit or full payment during the initial appointment
  • What could go wrong? Possible pitfalls for you and your customers

Module Four


Creating, Delivering, Notarizing and Funding the Trust & Getting Referrals

Your successful fulfillment of your client’s Living Trust Package provides security, privacy and peace of mind for themselves and their families.


1 – Creating the Trust

  • Reviewing all the components of what a comprehensive Living Trust Package should include
  • How to complete the documents manually
  • How to complete the documents using automated software
  • Reviewing the Trust document for accuracy and inclusion of all your customer’s needs
  • How to package all of the Living Trust documents
  • What possible problems to prepare for
  • Setting the appointment to review the Living Trust Package with your client

2 – Delivery of the Trust

  • How to review the Living Trust documents with your client
  • The best way to explain the next steps to your client
  • How to finalize the Living Trust documents with any changes
  • Getting all appropriate documents signed by your client
  • Creating the final Living Trust binder including all documents
  • Setting the next appointment for delivering the completed Living Trust Package

3 – Notarizing the Trust

  • Why & How you should establish relationships with a Notary for ongoing business
  • How to package and send the completed Living Trust Package to the Notary
  • How to care for your client
  • Creating clarity for your customer so they fully understand their new Living Trust Package
  • Creating peace of mind for your customer so they can focus on living a great life knowing they’re protected
  • Creating a lifelong customer for your LDA business

4 – Funding the Trust

  • How to provide step-by-step instructions to your client for funding their new Living Trust
  • What are the possible problems you may encounter & how to resolve them to everyone’s satisfaction

5 – Next Steps

  • Why you should retain a full copy of the Trust documents on your computer AND an additional copy on an external hard drive or other storage media
  • Furnishing your client with the original Trust documents
  • The Action List you should provide your customer so they know exactly what to do to ensure validity of the Trust
  • Why & how you should follow-up with your client to make sure they’ve funded their Living Trust

6 – Getting Referrals

  • How & when to use the “Who Do You Know” form to get referrals
  • What you should give to your clients regarding the benefits of Living Trusts so they can share with their friends & family
  • When to ask for referrals
  • How to ask for referrals
  • How to get great testimonials during your final appointment so you can share these accolades with new prospects

Bonus Module Content

Guarding Against the Unlicensed Practice of Law & Using CALDA and Other Resources

It is essential that as an LDA you do not provide legal advice. You can offer self-help services to your clients at their direction.

What’s Included in the

  • Review of the rules, regulations & laws pertaining to the unlicensed practice of law.
  • How to inform your customers but not advise
  • Serving your clients and guarding against the unlicensed practice of law
  • The benefits of CALDA membership
  • What CALDA resources can you use in your business
  • A selection of forms & documents that you can use in your business
  • Other resources and tools to help you in growing your Living Trust business & workshops

You’ll Also Receive

  • 24/7 Access to Private Membership website with recordings of all lessons, videos & audios.
  • Forms & fliers for you to use in your business (custom branding is available at an additional cost)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group so you can get your questions answered and discover what others are doing to build their own LDA businesses by offering Living Trusts & Living Trust Workshops
  • Copy of Kris Miller’s #1 bestselling book, “Ready for PREtirement: 3 Secrets for Safe Money and a Fabulous Future”
  • Video of Kris Miller presenting her “3 Secrets” workshop

Additional Bonuses may be included depending on which level you enroll in.

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