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A Teacher of Value

“Kris Miller made a very complicated topic easy to understand and comprehend. She presents valuable information including step-by-step instructions on how to set up a personalized estate plan using today’s volatile market to protect and increase an individual’s assets. I highly recommend her services to all interested people curious about estate planning in general.”

Debbie Carrol
Executive Director, MusiCares
National Recording Academy The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences

Some of Our Most Popular Programs

Visualizing Your Money Future

ENVISION Days are in-person, highly interactive workshops on creating a visual map for your financial life and an action plan to help you succeed. It doesn't matter what the state of your finances are, this hands-on experience helps you create a clear picture of what you really want and a plan on how to get there. During your ENVISION Day experience you'll:

  • Generate a snapshot of your current finances
  • Learn how to uncover hidden wealth
  • Create a strategic plan to achieve your goals
  • Visualize your Money Masterpeice and Your path to Healthy Money
  • ...and much more!

Living Trust Workshop
Protecting Your Wishes & Assets

Does your family know about your wishes if you have a medical emergency? How will your finances be handled if you are injured or incapacitated? Do you have the legal documents in place to honor your wishes? Are your assets protected now while you're still healthy? Will your estate be forced into probate? During the LIVING TRUST WORKSHOP you'll learn:

  • Generate all the legal documents you need to protect your assets
  • Create peace of mind knowing your medical decisions will be respected
  • Understand what's at risk and how to minimize those risks
  • Learn the simple way to avoid probate & minimize taxes
  • Ensure that your charitable gifts benefit those you intend

Create Income
You Will Never Outlive

We all worry if we'll have enough money to survive, let alone thrive, during our retirement years. Maybe your savings, Social Security and 401(K) isn't enough. What if you  suffer a medical emergency or other financial hardship? What if you could set up a strategic plan that will generate income that you'll never outlive? Inside CREATE INCOME YOU'LL NEVER OUTLIVE you'll:

  • Learn several ways to create income that will outlive you
  • Execute a plan to guarantee you have enough money to thrive
  • Learn how to protect the savings you do have without any more risk
  • Budget your savings to achieve your desires
  • Learn how to transform your Bucket List dreams into reality

How to Talk to Your Kids
About Money

No one is born knowing how to manage money. Little, if any, training is offered through formal education about credit, debt, financial goal setting and achievement, or how money really works. Paying for college is one of the single biggest expenditures we'll ever have in life. During TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT MONEY you'll learn:

  • How to broach uncomfortable issues about money with your children
  • Learn how to inspire your kids to start saving early and for the rest of their lives
  • Help your kids create a plan to achieve their financial desires
  • Put a college savings plan into place for your kids
  • Work together as a family to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences