How to Earn More Credit Card Points


Everyone likes rewards, right? The credit card bonuses may be one of the people’s favorites. With the right techniques, you can double or even triple your monthly rewards. Wondering how to earn more credit card points?


Well, wonder no more! Here are the top five ways to maximize your credit card points and enjoy the rewards you deserve.


Let’s dive in!

1. Check which categories provide bonuses

There are many card issuers that offer bonuses if you activate certain categories. In some cases, such as with the Chase Freedom, you can qualify for a 5 percent cash back reward on up to $1,500 for combined purchases of products from bonus categories each quarter. 


The trick is, you must activate these categories to get the bonuses. You need to track the upcoming reward categories to sign up on time. The best way to do this is to add reminders to your Apple or Google calendar that can do it for you. 


However, if you have multiple credit cards, to actually use all the rewards you need to pay attention to which card to use while shopping each time. You can create a cheat sheet and classify your cards based on bonus categories to know which one is the most suitable for purchasing a pricey jacket! 

2. Sign up for your bank’s alerts

When you think about how to earn more credit card rewards, your card issuer’s alerts may be the most important way to achieve that goal. They can inform you about any new special deals that may be of your interest. Also, you can get an alert that your bonus is about to expire so you can keep track of that, too. 

3. Use rewards to buy gift cards with bonuses 

Make sure to look for card issuers that partner with large-scale retailers such as CSV or Apple Store and offer discounted rates. For instance, there may be a choice to buy a $20 gift card for $15 with your reward points. That reward may be even bigger if you plan to buy gift cards at higher prices. And you can boost your savings even more by purchasing Extra Bucks items at your bank’s partner stores. 


In other words, you can earn more rewards on your existing rewards. Thus, the question of how to earn more credit card bonuses can be answered with investing smart into your rewards. Invest your time to look for the ways that will yield the most rewards and then use them wisely.  

4. Add an authorized users

One of the greatest credit card reward opportunities is to add one more authorized users that can help you double your rewards. You can ruck up rewards quickly because someone else is also charging to your card. There is an option to add your suppose or whoever you want and trust. For instance, If you choose United MileagePlus® Explorer Card, you can earn 5,000 extra miles if you add one more user. The only condition is to make a purchase within the three months. However, be careful, the special offers may be available only once in a year. 


5. Take advantage of partner deals

The goal here is to get the maximum of your efforts as well. You may consider opening a bank account, savings or checking, in the same bank where you have the credit card. One of the banks that appreciate your full loyalty is Bank of America. It offers an incredible Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card. Here, when you get your cash-back rewards, you also get a 10 percent customer bonus. Maybe it doesn’t sound that big, but it is still something!